Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally Blogging - aka A Year in Review

Okay, It's been more than a year since the post about having my products available at Mesh.

In that time, I've added new items, many of which are available at Mesh and Brocade Nashville for those who are local. I have begun selling in an etsy shop, though so far only to people I already know online. While I can't even begin to express my thanks to those loyal customers, I do admit I'm hoping to gain interest from other etsy shoppers soon.

For whomever is reading this, in case you don't already know, my current line of products includes:
  • two aromatherapy oil blends which can be used topically, in an oil burner, added to a steamer or hot bath, added to unscented body wash.
  • an essential oil fortified massage oil developed with natural muscle relaxants according to common essential oil resources.
  • a variety of scented and unscented lip smoothers in traditional lip balm tubes.
  • two aromatherapy room sprays.
  • a variety of bath teas made up of all natural (and some organically grown) herbs, botanicals, and salts.
  • a selection of sugar scrubs including moisturizing oils, and exfoliating sugar and ground herbs or other natural ingredients.
I have a few things currently in development and/or testing.
  1. all natural laundry soak for handknit items. I've done lots of research on other handknit soaks, homemade laundry detergents and fabric softeners, and beneficial fragrances and developed this all natural, no-rinse, fabric softening, gentle cleansing soak for hand knit items. I've used it on a number of my own items so far and have been quite pleased with it as a cleaning and softening agent. I have high hopes for it - now I just need to figure out the name. :)
  2. tub treats. I made one batch that seemed to be successful, and were raved about by the recipient, but the batches done since then have not held their shape. I'm now checking other sources and trying out a few recipes in the hopes of making it work again. When they finally work, they'll be a great item for adding moisture and pleasing scents to a nice long soak in the tub.
  3. body butters. I have made a few of these in very small batches and they were well received. Some are just moisturizing like any body butter, and others have been reported to help with the itching of extremely dry skin, preventing chapped/cracked hands during the winter, and even helping with psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Now it's time to start making larger batches so I can get those out to the boutiques and in the etsy shop.
  4. aroma-balms. I plan to take the headache oil and calming oil and begin offering both in semi-solid balm form, presented in a standard lip-balm tube for easy application and a much safer (less chance for leakage or mess) carrying system.
So far, this is still very much at the hobby level, but interest is building and the word is spreading. I'll be trying to update much more regularly now as I make Crafting Balance part of my "work at home" schedule. I'd love to hear from people here, with comments, questions, ideas, suggestions, or whatever else you'd like to say!

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