About Me

I create in a variety of ways, but most always with the intent of balance in some area of life. Life should be enjoyed, and each of my creations, from quilting to jewelry, from knitting to collage, from cooking to writing, is meant to be enjoyed in a simple, basic, and balanced way.

I started out mixing essential oils to help with my own headaches, and to provide pleasant fragrances without the alcohol and additives of most artificial fragrances and perfumes. At the urging of my family and friends, I began to offer these blends for sale and quickly got hooked on making new blends, creating new product recipes and learning more about what the herbs and essential oils could do.

I’ve always been crafty, and thoroughly enjoy taking my crafting skills and my love of all things natural and finding new creations hidden in discarded clothes and household items. I find that my possibilities are likely endless, and I look forward to exploring new ideas for products whether I am inspired by a need, another item, or a customer request.

I have, in recent years, begun to place more emphasis on the idea that we should do what we love. This idea is just one thing that led me to start working on the Crafting Balance shop and products more. I hope others can enjoy it as much as I am.