Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy building inventory

So after making 14 bottles of Cleanse yesterday (the 7th, I'm writing this after midnight), I jumped back into production today with even more stuff.

Body Butters
I have 2 so far that have both been quite popular. One is a very carefully created "Skin Soother" for super dry skin that has helped me, my family, and some of my customers with various rashes, dry cracked skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. After the first batch went out for testing, the scent (which comes from the herbs infused in the oil as well as some essential oils added) was dubbed "Spa Day" by one tester (thanks Squiddy!) and that scent has since been recreated in a special blend of just essential oils so it could be used in lip smoothers, tub treats, and Cleanse.

The other, originally created by request, was a peppermint body butter. It's a much simpler and more basic recipe, intended to do no more than smell like peppermint and moisturize the skin. As a bonus, Aimee discovered that the peppermint helped relieve her fibromyalgia pain flare-ups.

Both these are now done and labeled and ready for sale. If you don't see it in my etsy shop, just convo or email me, or leave a comment here, and I'll let you know if I still have some.

Sugar Scrub

I have a small batch of my orange-rose sugar scrub, made with a mixture of brown and white sugar, moisturizing oils, glycerin, nourishing vitamin E and crushed comfrey, and of course, rose petals and orange essential oil.

I will soon be making a new batch of the coconut-vanilla scrub, with real coconut and vanilla beans!

Aroma Balms

I mentioned a few days ago that I was making these. Well tonight I finally got around to the shrink wrap. Now I just need some photos so I can get them put up on etsy. These are the same aromatherapy blends as the "Clear Head" and "No Stress" oils, but in a convenient lip-balm tube so you can carry them around and apply directly as needed. (Don't carry them in your pocket, though. That much body heat will melt the aroma balms and lip smoothers - just ask Joy!)

My plan for the next few days
  • get caught up on photos and postings on etsy.
  • update my facebook fan page
  • make some more products (still to come - flower garden body butter, more tub treats & lip smoothers, and herbal dryer packs)
  • check in with my local boutiques to see what they need from me
  • check my ingredients on hand to see what I need to order soon.
The shop has quite a lot in it now and more will be added soon. Check it out, share it with friends, and happy shopping!

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